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How to Backup Text Messages on android

How to Backup Text MessagesWe all have some special messages that we would not like to lose. These can be messages from our loved ones or from an organization, or any other confidential information like a text message that should be used as case evidence. Backing text message is the right approach that you can use […]

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How to block a number on android

How to block a number on android?Are you tired of receiving calls from strangers and other sales people? Then it is wise that you block their numbers. Although it is easy to block a numberon iPhone, on android, it takes a little more knowledge. However with some quick guidance you can easily block that list […]

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How To Change Font on Android

How To Change Font on AndroidHave you ever heard of the saying “Do not judge a book by its cover”? Well nothing portrays this as well as fonts do. One can comfortably state that fonts are the image of the text document. The content may not be good at all but an attractive font style just […]

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